Transcription Services


Transcription means conversion from voice (audio) into text form in the same language.The recorded venture of your conferences and seminars are transformed into text forms or transcribed. Movies are also deciphered to allow for translation, subtitling, voice over, etc.

Our Transcription services helps in translation of the transcribed text to a different language .  And we also facilitates sub-titling in the same or different language or even voice over and dubbing in a different language which can be then used for a different target audience.

Webnich Technology Inc is a premier transcription services company in India. We offer transcription Services at reasonable price that include audio and voice transcription services and also video transcription services.

Our Virtual Assistants convert any speeches, interviews or seminars into a written or electronic text document. It could be as tedious and detailed as a verbatim transcription, i.e. the transcription of every word and expression uttered by the speaker(s), or it could be as simple as taking important points from a seminar, tele seminar, event, or online programs/webinars that you cannot attend.

We train our our transcriptionists to intimate proficient in transcribing all types of accents including British, American, Australian, Canadian, European, African, Asian and more. We invest in ergonomic office equipments to provide our employees with a conductive work environment.

Steps to Get Print-Ready Transcripts?

1: Send audio/video files that you need to transcribe.
2: Our experienced transcriptionists listen carefully the audio files and write out into written doc file.
3: We send back the transcribed document with original source.

Why to Outsource Transcription Services at Webnich Technology Inc.

  • Experience:             Vast Experience and 1000+ Completed Projects.
  • Quality       :             Accurate, Print-Ready Transcripts delivered in plain text, HTML, MS Word format…
  • Timely Delivery:       Ability to meet seemingly unreachable deadlines
  • Infrastructure   :       Capability of handling huge volume of transcription projects.
  • Secure & Reliable:   Complete Privacy of Outsourced Data, extending reliability.
  • Flexible Pricing:       Optimum pricing facilities based on project parameters.

We understand that quality is the king at Transcription Services India. We carry out a 3-tier quality check process for all our transcription projects. Conducting through research for niche segments, we put in maximum efforts to ensure high quality transcripts.

Whatever your transcriptions needs are, our Virtual Assistants can provide them for you:

  • Audio / Video Dictating
  • Meetings/Calls/Interviews
  • Seminars/Conference
  • Legal & Medical