The highly trained and skilled professionals at Webnich are equally comfortable developing both tabular and illustrated indexes like Scanning and Indexing + services. We can either index your documents at the time of scanning itself or batch index them once the scanning is done with. We will devise index fields as per the nature of the documents and the data or information carried by them. We can also use techniques like barcode reading to index your documents. If necessary, we will also carry out cross-referencing and mapping of your documents. Thus, you will be able to simultaneously correlate and retrieve relevant data and information available on a variety of documents simultaneously. We assure you the quickest turnaround rate and a nearly one hundred percent accuracy.

Scanning and Indexing +

The Document Scanning and Indexing accelerator is a set of technology frameworks and tools that can be used to quickly develop an end-to-end document management solution. It includes a powerful set of features for efficient electronic data management—data capturing, scanning and indexing +, image upload and download, data conversion, etc. This accelerator can be configured to match the specific requirements of each organization and to pave the way for a paperless, efficient financial work environment.