Webnich Sales Support teams are expert at building and maintaining support structures that move your contacts further down the sales funnel. We can step in at the earliest stage of the client-vendor relationship, providing tailor-made inbound pre-sales support, product information and specifications, channel partner support and order fulfillment. With access to our documentation specialists and technical instructors, our Sales Support teams ramp up quickly, providing second-to-none worldwide sales support and 24x7x365 uninterrupted service that will build your brand from day one. Among the services provided, are:

  • Merchant acquisition campaigns: Webnich undertakes the location, assessment, update and training of merchants-partners on behalf of the corporation.
  • Customer loyalty: Webnich develops and manages customer loyalty enhancement programs, using when necessary advanced tools, such as card-based loyalty programs, customer support through call center services etc.
  • Promotion campaigns: Webnich has implemented many products and services promotion campaigns, selecting the most effective methods –or a combination of methods- for each specific project, like in-store promotion, door-to-door etc.
  • Training: employee training programs incorporate Webnich long experience and the company’s deep knowledge of alternative sales and direct marketing channels.