Website development is the process that represents a framework from inception to review and creating a new web or implementing the changes including, planning, content, design, construction, test, hosting and publicity etc. Real estate web development gives client to showcase and manage property listing while permitting potential clients a structured way of searching properties. The hierarchy of web development is in a way that it will have total administrative rights to the listings. The web development e realtor and will be able to accommodate another realtor.

For example, for defining well-structured web development, following consideration is taken into account:

It is predominant markup language and basic building block of web pages. It is a set of markup tags and HTML uses markup tags to define web pages in web development. By denoting structural semantics like paragraphs, headings etc, it constructs structured documents. The W3C, worldwide web that maintains HTML and CSS both are using presentational markup.

CSS: cascading style sheet is a language used to describe presentation semantics of documents and it is written in the markup. The most common application is that of style web pages, website design and languages can be applied in any kind of XML document. It is merely designed to document content from document presentation, that is to say, layout, fonts, and colors. The presentation characteristics will be more flexible and multiple pages will have share formatting.

PHP hypertext formatting: in web development process, it is general side server side scripting language embedded into HTML. It runs into a server, taking PHP as input and HTML as output with portal development.


The real state web dopant will serve two areas namely, realtors and potential . while being hosted in Linux server, it will require scripting language PHP and relational database etc. Since, its web-based content, Firefox, internet explorer etc.

The website will use both as a user interface for a potential client and owner/administrator of the site. The proper validation will see on each user interface page that will give appropriate messages when the message so entered is wrong. The header will conclude realtors, logo, and agent control panel and navigation bar.

To real estate website development, it will display featured property listings like alerts, site map, quick search etc. The user will get more kind of information. The search listing will allow the user to search any information that one seeks to find regarding real estate from the website. Some of the searching figures include that of the bedrooms, bathrooms, process range and location etc with portal development.

Agent control panel login will allow the realtor to enter into no page to alter or modify the existing details regarding listings. The realtor is required to enter a valid login details and passwords. If the user forgets the password, then password reminder option will remind him of the password.

In register page, it will allow the many realtors to create an account on a site. The page will collect information related to first name, location, address, last name etc.

Thus, agent/ realtor navigates into a website and by clicking submit button he confirms his registration and such like options. Signature global is situated at a side of Gurgaon.