Product categorization

Product Categorization

Product categorization for your data feeds as we charge a setup fee for the initial categorization, and a monthly fee for ongoing maintenance of the categories as category-based assignment. Deeper product page optimization, easy integration, product level merchandising, up sell and cross-sell opportunities are some of the benefits that can be achieved through product categorization services. The product content should be easily accessible and can be navigable. It should be presented in logical and hierarchical structure that comes up from top level categories to smallest level of detail.

Webnich Technologies Inc. has three years of experience(from 2013). Product information management is not what we foresee as a secondary task. Webnich Technologies Inc. is the pioneers and superiors when it comes to providing Data Management Solutions. We sets our objectives in administering the Data Management Services as End-to-End Solutions capable of unifying and merging product information throughout the enterprise. This helps in yielding accurate and updated Information across the various distribution channels.

Webnich Technologies Inc is the mode when it comes to the success of the business performances where our clients can analyze our hard work in just a few clicks. We also helps in categorizing the data orderly and in the customized directions as per the clients. We believe in providing Quality, Accurate, Effective and Efficient data with an On-Time Delivery of every project relied upon us. Webnich Technologies Inc. stands apart from the competitors when it comes to uploading the worked upon data to ERP system.

Webnich Technologiews Inc. will be mainly providing Product Categorization services like:-

  • Proper Product categorization.
  • Major online retailers.
  • Smart categorization.
  • Development of ecommerce taxonomy.
  • Improved SEO ranking.

Our professionals give you the opportunity to work with us and help to develop standardized categorization. This can easily improve user experience and also contribute to the growth of business channel.