Webnich approach data entry from an ‘end-user and end-purpose’ perspective. We understand the purpose of data and what purpose your data should meet. Making sense out of large volumes of data is not an easy task. In outsourcing offline data entry services you can spend your valuable money and time on staff salaries, training, overheads, etc. Organizing, collating and managing large quantities of data is a task better left to the experts. We offers,

offline data entry

  • Offline data collection.
  • URL list collection.
  • Offline data capture.
  • Offline form filling.
  • Offline form processing.
  • Excel sheet filling and MS Word document data entry.
  • Offline data entry from mailing lists, websites and image files.
  • Offline entry of insurance claims.
  • E-books entry, business cards entry, catalog and labels entry.
  • Offline entry of data from one version/format to another.
  • Data entry into database programs.

We have a dedicated and experienced team of data entry professionals to perform any offline data entry service. Our data entry professionals can key in data in any database provided by a client or even in a word processor most accurately and with fast turnaround time. We follow a “double entry” process to ensure high levels of accuracy. We also perform random checks on at least 5% data and use in-house developed program level checks to ensure accuracy and minimize errors.