Legal Assistance Services, also known as legal process outsourcing (LPO), refers to law firms obtaining legal support services from a legal support services company and legal assistance services. Companies of  Legal Process Outsourcing help law firms to boost their caseloads, while dramatically reducing labor costs. LPO works well for firm with highly repetitive, transactional legal and administrative processes.

Legal Assistance Services in India is the industry in which remote legal departments or organisations deploy legal work from areas where it is costly to implement, such as the United States , Australia, Newzealand, Europe to areas where it can be performed at a significantly depreciate cost, primarily India. Legal Process Outsourcing is a high end industry that has been growing briskly in the recent years.

Virtual Staffing Services makes it easy for law firms to outsource repetitive tasks to the Philippines. we choose Our partners and clients carefully with progressive lawyers who  embraces the radical changes eagerly that are reshaping their profession.

We’ve re-visualized the future of legal Assistance Services outsourcing with a suite of solutions that maximize the performances using only  highest quality resources and cutting-edge legal technology to support the work of our clients. We call it Legal Managed Services.


Most firms and corporations outsource primarily for cost saving measures and this is considered the huge advantage for legal process outsourcing.. Some countries, specially in the Indian sub-continent have gained eminence due to the fact that some of their advocate with higher degrees work at skimpy salary. This has attracted major corporations to deploy some of the trivial and less sensitive work in their legal departments.

LPO trend offers great benefits. India’s legal services are economical,profitable , and above all, skilled. concentration. An LPO, for instance, can allow the luxury of dedicating an entire team to register trademarks or process immigration approval.

Legal process outsourcing users can gain more operational efficiencies by focusing on core business activities although having access to a breadth of skills, technology and service offerings, at a diminished cost.

Positions of Legal Process

1 .Title Searcher                                                                                2. Legal Secretary
3. Legal Assistant                                                                              4. Transcriptionist
5. Medical document Processor                                                        6. Legal Researcher
7. E-Discovery Specialist                                                                   8. Compliance Manager
9. Paralegal                                                                                      10. Lawyer