Cloud Staffing Services

Keeping+remote+staff+motivatedLooking for Cloud-Based Administrative Assistants? We’d Love to Help!

But first, why are you looking for a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant?  (Check all that apply.  Be honest.)

  •  Lousy employees create way too much turmoil in your business.
  •  You have too many “bad” employees and not enough “good” employees.
  •  Your business just “limps along” because your employees suck.
  •  Your business creates too much stress for you and not enough joy.
  •  Your home life suffers because you’re at your office too much.
  •  You are sick to death of paying an employee to sit there all day to answer your telephones when all you get is 4 hours of productive work out of them.
  •  You find a great employee and she quits…leaving you high and dry.
  •  You are sick to death of babysitting employees who can’t seem to do the job you ask—no matter how much you reward or reprimand.
  •  You are tired of wasting your money on employees that never work out.
  •  Your business can’t expand without good employees in place to run your business.
  •  You are very unhappy (maybe disgusted?) with the money you get to take home from your business.
  •  You make excellent money, but you’d like to do even better.
  •  You’re concerned (maybe scared stiff) by what’s happening in the economy.  You’re unsure of the future of your business and your income.
  •  The upcoming national healthcare law makes you wish you could just close up shop—or fire all of your employees and never look back.
  •  You would rather your business was built around your life, instead of the other way around.
  •  Your business is “owner dependent”—meaning if you aren’t around to manage it, too many things go wrong—and you’re tired of “baby-sitting” your business, your employees and your staff.  You’d like more walk-away power.
  •  You would be thrilled to do LESS work, especially LESS hard work and make MORE money.
  •  You can’t find decent in-office help.  You hire them, they work great for a few weeks (the honeymoon period) and then they get lazy.  So you suffer with mediocrity when all you really want to do is offer outstanding service to your customers.
  •  You (and/or your staff) do an outstanding “technical” job of providing quality services, but you need more of the knowledge, skills, savvy and expertise to properly manage what you do.
  •  You desperately WANT to provide outstanding service for your customers, but your service “process” has holes and items keep falling through the cracks, resulting in customer DIS-satisfaction
  •  Other________________________________