‘Convert Flash to HTML5’ for registering your presence on every platform your customers are likely to be or visit, and in the most economical ways. With our Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services coming into existence, Webnich provide help to our clients for deriving the benefits of interactive design and motion graphic animation content previously unavailable on the operating system like Android and other such platforms. When you convert Flash to HTML5, you can avoid lost impressions, and consequently create better exposure and recall for your brand on mobile devices too. With Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services, you will transform your Flash content into compatible HTML5 versions at a significantly low time and cost investment.

Flash to HTML 5

We systematically and precisely convert “rich media” files created in Flash with animated and interactive features through ActionScripting2 or ActionScript3 into an HTML5 code which can be completely edited. We are proficient at exploiting diverse technologies like Google Dart to leverage the core animation and illustration functionalities of bitmaps, classic tweens, audio features and Flash comprising vectors. Webnich owns a team of graphic designers, eLearning developers and the new mobile developers who are well acquainted with the knowledge of Flash to HTML5 conversion. These may require modifications to user interfaces, designs, graphics, file formats and the content. With our streamlined processes we can ensure that your content and the graphics are seamlessly ported to multiple platforms and mobile devices. Most of the animations or slide shows can be transformed with HTML5 and JavaScript. Convert Flash to HTML5 to ensure your titles, documents and elearning content are viewable on the iPad, iPhone and other mobile platforms and browsers with ease. Get in touch with us today to inquire about our expertise in Flash to HTML5 conversion services.

The major platforms included are,

  • Opera Mobile 12.10 » Multiple platforms.
  • Chrome » All Android 4 devices.
  • Firefox Mobile 16 » Multiple platforms.
  • iOS 6.0 » Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Windows Phone 8.
  • BlackBerry OS 7.