Email Management

Email Management Outsourcing

Good communication is at the heart of every prosperous business, which makes your email a vital tool.
Email. It’s the most important tool you have as a virtual assistant. Even if you are using a project management tool such as Asana you have to be on top when it comes to email management. As email is probably the most frequently used method of communication for virtual assistants and the business owners they reinforce.

Proper, effective, and efficient email management can enhance your virtual assistance business. You may think this is an exaggeration but I defy you to work with a client or team member who never “gets” your emails and to see what causal sequence it has on deadlines and deliverables. I don’t really mean to anyone because it’s a stressful and anxiety causing scenario. Please Don’t be that person who causes stress and anxiety!

There are people who love Outlook , and I am one of them and there are others who are fond of Gmail’s web interface. Whatever you work with…”learn it”. And learn it very well.

Webnich Technolgies Inc. Email Management is proven to increase the productivity of your agents by up to 80% percent. That’s because our EMS operator is proficient in finding Email management solution that fully automates the process of capturing, documenting, interpreting, routing and prescribing answers. We also protects you from backlogs of unanswered requests, missed service levels and unhappy customers.
Webnich Technologies Inc. provides superior Email Management service at keast cost.


What We Do ??

    • Exceed service levels with intelligent message handling and automatically prescribed and scripted answers.
    • Respond to your customers faster and more frequently, with less agent training, through an extensive set of productivity tools and integration with knowledge management.
    • Keep sensitive interactions confidential with Secure Messaging.
    • Improve contact center efficiency with comprehensive and flexible reporting.
    • Easily handle long-term growth and spikes in email volume with a system proven to scale reliably to thousands of concurrent users and millions of simultaneous interactions.

Characteristics :-

    • Automated Message Handling
    • High-Performance Desktop
    • Integrated Knowledge
    • Secure Messaging
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Enterprise Architecture