Information is highly valuable to any kind of organization. However, eventually, if not handled properly, it may become quite cumbersome, and need massive investment of money and time. So, if you need to put together and present your database in a consistent manner, and need someone to move your information into new databases or formats, it is important that you outsource the task to a firm that is reliable enough to get the job done.Multiple applications and systems developed 5-10 years ago are running on older versions of hardware, software, and legacy architecture, posing security and data management risks that stem from the termination of support of the outdated software and the malfunctioning of technological solutions at the end of their lifecycle.

There are five main trends that push customers to modernize their systems:

  • Cloud Technology.
  • Mobile Development and Wearable Technology.
  • Big Data.
  • Social Networks.
  • Internet of Things Solutions.

Webnich Solutions provides efficient and fast database migration services for Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2, MySQL, Progress, Sybase etc