Data capture has more advantages than you can ever imagine. Handling of data becomes quite easier as they can be easily spotted and interpreted. And you save a lot of space as soft copies of size even exceeding terabytes can get accommodated in handheld portable devices. Moreover security level is also up stretched. Large amount of vital data resides on forms and documents that have a need to be captured, organized and indexed that could have a direct impact on improving the operational efficiencies. Data capture services offered by Invensys relieves clients from laborious tasks of extracting targeted data from forms and documents that are complex and have numerous fields.

data capture

Webnich specializes in every step of data capture namely paper to image conversion, document imaging services and data processing services. Webnich use state-of-the-art technology to process external data formats like text, image, audio or video into the output formats that you desire. Our conversion techniques pooled with our experienced workforce can support high volume ventures like the following,

  • Forms processing.
  • Electronic publication.
  • File conversion.
  • Data extraction from the web.