CRM Management

CRM Management | Customer Relationship Management

With all the advancements in business automation, a CRM Specialist has become an integral position in most businesses to improve their customer relationship management. The excel databse manages your leads, prospects, and customers are over. A CRM Specialist can work to develop customer experience workflows.

A CRM Management Specialist is the person that looks at the big picture from first  to last. This is all about the user experience, nurturing your leads or someone who is exploring your website and understanding their process through your website. The CRM specialist would work with your CRM automation software like….

  • Salesforce. 4.9. 5.0..
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 4.5. 4.6. 3.8. 5.0.
  • HubSpot. 4.4. 4.2. 4.9. 4.6.
  • Insightly. 4.0. 4.2. 4.3.
  • Infusionsoft. 3.9. 3.8. 4.6. 3.2.
  • Zoho CRM. 3.5. 3.5. 4.4.
  • Oracle CRM On Demand. 3.0. 3.1. 1.4. 4.3.
  • SAP. 2.8. 2.7. 4.1.

The key purpose of a customer relationship management specialist is to manage your customer relationships through automation systems so that you can drive more sales, and keep repeat customers.

CRM Specialist Funnel Workflow

As you can see in the funnel above, you’re going to have a lot of visitors, a smaller percentage of leads, and an even smaller percentage of leads who convert into customer. With the use of conversion marketing you can develop an individualized strategy with your CRM Specialist to target people based on specific needs.

Customer Relationship Marketing

We have now reached a point in automation technology in which managing your contact is very spontanous. If you are using the right tools. Here are a few ways a CRM Management Specialist can determine the interests of your contacts using a CRM / Automation System:

  • Be perceptive what pages, products, or services that a person operates on your website.
  • On which pages people contact you on, or what mob them to contact you.
  • Researching of contact information on Linkedin.
  • Discovering interests on social media..
  • Engagement on emails that are sent out.
  • Tagging customers based on content they view on your website.
  • Set up an effective script on your website to place cookie to better recognize your audience’s actions.
  • Develop automation progression to tag interests and segment to your contacts in certain newsletters, podcasts, etc.

There’s actually endless possibilities with the constantly evolving CRM systems, but those give you a good feel for how a CRM Specialist can help you further improve your customer relationship management.


Building a solid CRM foundation is a very difficult task. Organizations must not only identify the best CRM technologies for their business, but must also exploit potent change management programs to align their people and processes with customer relationship goals. Webnich Technologies Inc.CRM practice possesses significant experience implementing CRM solutions in a variety of industries around the world. We can balm your company in wide range of CRM priorities, from sales management to marketing automation to customer support and service.

Webnich Technologies Inc.  works with a very broad range of CRM products alongn with Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle OnDemand, Microsoft CRM, Amdocs, Salesforce, Right Now and Cegedim Dendrite.