.Calendar Management

Calendar Management & Scheduling Assistants

When the business expands, most of the businessmen find it very hard to manage their increasing client base plus staying on top of the managerial tasks. Therefore it becomes very important to keep their trade on track. Time management is the most crucial skill needed for the business to success. And it is even one of the most manifold aspects of running a business.


Time is a very very vital part , when we talk about business. If you fail to provide your services or solutions at the right time, then you will always decline to allow your business to expand. If you are aiming at leading the race, you will have to be an advance planner and also have to manage your time in an effective manner. Using a calendar management service, you will be able to plan the day much in advance towards productivity.

Webnich Technology Inc. Calendar Management services helps the business people to keep track of their appointments and managing the demands. You and your adequate virtual receptionist will have right to use your online calendar to plan, amend and call off appointments and meetings. Also, the management of the online calendar is done in actual time so the chances of dual bookings are very limited. Our prime goal is to completely automate all your scheduling, appointment setting, task reminders, and calendar management.


Depending on how you currently manage your calendar, and how you keep track of your appointments & events ,thereafter we can start by integrating with what you already do … or we can help you set-up an end-to-end calendar and task management solution custom tailored to your situation.
Once we understand the vital activities, tasks, and events that need to be certainly feature on your schedule. And then we will send you a reminder  via one centralized calendar.

We will set up your calendar account using your email and a password of your choice. Further instructions related with working of the system are sent to you through email. as per your instructions. Your remote receptionist will administer the appointments. This way you get more time to focus on the significant tasks linked with budding your business. You can even enumerate which periods are accessible for new bookings and the time gap between each appointment. We will provide access to your user-friendly online calendar through which you can examine and modify your appointments. We will send you an Email reminder along with a follow up email or SMS reminder.